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Automation Products


  • Ultrafast response frequency: 3.2kHz bandwidth
  • Pulse outputs 4Mpps and inputs with up to 8Mpps
  • Improved real-time auto-tuning function during
  • operation (transient recovery time 6ms)
  • 5 notch filters: manual/automatic
  • 3 damping filters: manual/automatic
  • PANATERM software upgrade with setup mode
  • Integrated safety function STO (EN61800-5-2)
  • Low electromagnetic interference
  • Modbus RTU communication
  • Control of linear and torque motors
  • Block operation with digital I/Os (like MINAS A4P)


  • High-precision encoder, 23 bits/revolution; 8.38 million pp
  • Max. rotational speed: 6500rpm
  • Low cogging torque
  • Even more compact design with new housing (split core structure, encoder even more narrow) 
  • IP67 degree of protection for all motors with connector
  • 50W to 5000W
  • Common encoder (usable as an absolute and an incremental encoder)
  • Triple-lip oil seal


  • Pulse train input. MINAS LIQI supports pulse train commands of up to 500kpps, adequate for simple positioning control.
  • 1kHz response frequency.
  • Setup with PANATERM software via USB.
  • Real-time auto-gain tuning.
  • Rotary switch (RSW) .
  • Damping filters, notch filters.


  • Compact size with room for expansion function
  • Equipped with a cassette interface
  • Add-on cassettes can be added to the CPU to increase functionality without increasing the footprint of the system
  • Up to 16 different units can be connected to a single CPU
  • Highly-capacity SD (SDHC) memory cards of 32GB are supported
  • High performance (scan time min. 1ms, max. 20µs for 60k steps)

FP-7 Series-Control web creator

This is a graphics creation tool that allows you to easily design web content that is published by the FP7. You can creatively design content by arranging web components such as switches, lamps and meters on the screen and then setting the properties. Your content will be linked to information in the PLC without you needing any knowledge of HTML


An ultra-high speed processing of 0.08µs/step for basic instruction for the first 3000 steps and 0.58µs/step thereafter. The FPOR is ideal for positioning and process automation application, e.g. is labeling machines

  • Max 64 inputs / 64 outputs transistor or 54 outputs relay
  • Max 24 analogs inputs / 12 analog outputs
  • 2x RS232c interface, USB2.0 port
  • Large program memory 16,000 to 32000 steps
  • Data memory: 12,315 to 32,000 steps
  • PROFIBUS, Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus, S-Link, CC-Link, PLC Link
  • Advanced built-in positioning function
  • 24V DC power supply input
  • Tool port: RS232C & Mini USB
  • Types with COM port: RS232C


  • Fp-x is a highly flexible and expandable PLC which satisfies a wide range of application and demands
  • Add-on cassettes can expand functionality while saving space. Up to three add-on cassette can be attached to the control unit. The 16 types of add-on cassettes, including the communication and analog types, cover a wide variety of applications
  • Max. 382 I/O s
  • Max, 28 analog inputs / 16 analog outputs
  • Communication: 3xRS232C or 2xRS232C + 1xRS485 interfaces
  • Cpu c-30 and c-60 equipped with additional USB program port
  • Program memory 16k and 32k steps
  • Data memory 32.765 words
  • PROFIBUS, Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus
  • Motion control function

What is Precision Reduction Gear RV™?

Precision reduction gear RV™ is a reduction gear for precise motion control which uses a planocentric reduction gear mechanism. This reduction gear design has advantages in rigidity and resistace against overload with a compact body due to a large number of simultaneously engaged gear teeth. Furthermore, minimal backlash, rotational vibration and low inerita lead to rapid acceleration, smooth motion and accurate positioning.

High accuracy (backlash & lost motion : Less than 1 arc.min.)High rigidity. High shock load resistance. High torque density (High torque & Compact body). Wide range of reduction ratios. Minimal vibration

Precision Reduction Gear RV™ technology is used in all our products. Nabtesco has released several series according to the needs of our customers.


Solid shaft
Backlash 1 arc.min.

Hollow shaft
Backlash 1 arc.min

Solid shaft
Backlash 2 arc.mim
High speed

RV Original
Solid shaft
Backlash 1 arc.min
No support bearing


Solid shaft
Backlash 1-2 arc.min.
3 input options
(Straight, right angle, pulley)

Hollow shaft
Backlash 1-1.15 arc.min
3 input option
(Straight, right angle, pulley)

Hollow shaft
Backlash 1 arc.min
Right angle input
Table type

Hollow shaft
Backlash 1 arc.min
With base flange

Solid shaft
Backlash 6 arc.min
High speed

Solid shaft
Backlash 1 arc.min
For machine tools


Solid shaft
Backlash 1 arc.min
With servomotor

Hollow shaft
Backlash 1 arc.min
With servomotor


Panasonic offers a broad spectrum of products for all automation tasks. Along with our service Philosophy to advice and take care of our customers, state-of –the-technology, robust design and compact size form the basis of our business.

You can find Panasonic products in almost all area concerning automation technology. Our core Business consists of machine and equipment building, medical technology, the chemical and Pharmaceutical industries, building automation, water and waste-water management, environmental technology, energy distribution (gas, electricity, etc.,) as well as monitoring and saving energy. In addition to our core areas, we offer, for example, solution for automated street light, solar trackers, open-pit mining (pump control and data transmission), telemetry (data transmission from measuring points), vending machines and people counting, e.g. for public transportation.


  • High resolution and repeatability
  • Low and high pressure types
  • Dual m3 color display (red, green, orange)
  • Analog output switchable current or voltage
  • Current and threshold valve in one view
  • Copy function, new global standard
  • Three operation modes, easy setting
  • Equipped with an ECO mode
  • MB connector type

Standard photoelectric sensors

  • Extensive product portfolio with 170 models
  • Low power consumption for ecological automations solutions
  • Connector or cable type
  • Two-color indicator LEDs
  • Features such as sensitivity adjustment background suppression,interference prevention, polarizing filters etc. provide flexibility allowing our sensors to be used in many applications

Safety light curtain sensor

  • Type 4 with very robust aluminium housing
  • Extreme long sensing range up to 15m
  • Status and stability indicators for easy installation and maintenance
  • Integrated PNP and NPN outputs
  • Complies with all common norms and standards
  • No blind zones
  • Finger, hand and arm protection type available in heights of up to 1.9m


  • Large product selection, models with built-in or external amplifiers
  • Precision laser technology detects even miniature objects
  • Easy operation and mounting
  • Individual threshold adjustment
  • Coaxial type


TFT color screen for excellent life-like images

  • New widescreen display
  • High resolution TFT color screen with 65536 colors and a long-life white LED backlight
  • User-friendly screen display with a large display area (800 x 480 pixels)